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DevOps Services

Guiding through end-to-end DevOps implementationTo turn your DevOps initiative into a successful DevOps practice.


To help you implement the DevOps initiative, our DevOps consultants consider your unique needs, both organizational and technical ones.


We offer the following:

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  • 1. Strategic planning
    We hold interviews and meetings with CIO, the managers of the development, infrastructure, and security departments to get the vision of how the delivery processes works, what are the concerns and expectations of different departments related to software development and operations. Our experts analyze the readiness of your company for DevOps, application portfolio, available IT resources, and your IT infrastructure size and characteristics, and: Present strategic advantages DevOps implementation may bring to your software delivery process depending on your business priorities, current situation, and industry specifics. Define the business objectives for the DevOps initiative to support, such as the improved application reliability, the increased frequency of software releases, and the improved user experience. Estimate the organizational efforts needed to implement DevOps and define how the DevOps initiative will influence interdepartmental dynamics. Develop a DevOps strategy in close collaboration with your IT management.
  • 2. Creating a DevOps implementation roadmap
    Once a common plan is drawn up, IW Consulting’s DevOps consultants: Design the containerization approach. We suggest applying containerization to achieve software portability across cloud and on-premises environment, ensure that software works uniformly in development, testing, and production environments. With all the executables, libraries and configuration files inside, containers created with Docker, Podman, or other similar tools, allow for easy and consistent deployment of applications. Our DevOps consultants suggest using such container orchestration tools as Kubernetes or Apache Mesos to simplify the containerized application deployment. Design a CI/CD solution. IW Consulting’s DevOps team designs a CI/CD approach, defines and configures the set of CI/CD tools (e.g., Jenkins, GoCD) to increase visibility over the development pipeline, automate and speed up software delivery, find and fix application bugs early in the development stage, and improve software quality. Advise on software test automation. To automate functional, integration, performance, load testing, IW Consulting’s DevOps team suggests applying such tools as Selenium, Appium. Thus, you will be able to accelerate the delivery of software to users and increase its overall quality. Further QA consulting can help you determine the necessary test automation level and improve testing quality. Design a way to integrate IaaC and configuration management tools with CI/CD tools. Our DevOps experts help to integrate configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet with CI/CD tools, such as GoCD, Jenkins, Bamboo. Thus, you can deploy new software releases and implement infrastructure changes faster. Design an application monitoring solution. To ensure the flawless performance of your applications and detect errors quickly, our DevOps consultants can properly plan the configuration of an application performance monitoring tool like Zabbix or Nagios. Thus, your DevOps practitioners will be able to detect post-release bugs before software users encounter them. Prepare the detailed DevOps implementation plan. IW Consulting’s team builds a comprehensive plan to implement DevOps across your IT environment. Our DevOps team assesses your overall readiness to switch to DevOps, and defines the most beneficial way to adopt CI/CD and IaaC, align development and testing environments with production, arrange code repository with version control, automate development and operational processes. Define DevOps-specific challenges and elaborate solutions. IW Consulting’s consultants help companies to outline DevOps-specific challenges (e.g., the lack of necessary competencies, legacy applications difficult to containerize) on the way to successful DevOps implementation and draw up a comprehensive plan on how to avoid or mitigate them.
  • 3. DevOps solution setting up
    IW Consulting’s consultants help you properly implement the DevOps approach by: Applying their knowledge together with practical skills to provide training for your IT system administrators, project managers, program managers, delivery managers, developers, software test engineers, and other DevOps practitioners. Introducing the IaaC approach to automate and simplify the process of new infrastructure configuration for software development and align the development, testing, and production environments. This will allow you to avoid human errors leading to infrastructure misconfigurations. Assisting in the deployment and configuration of CI/CD and test automation tools.
  • 4. Supporting DevOps at the production stage
    IW Consulting is ready to support your DevOps practitioners until all the objectives are achieved. Our DevOps experts can provide help with maintaining the operability of the software infrastructure, implementing changes in it, ensuring a proper load distribution within the customer’s IT environment.

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