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Digital Transformation

We bring digitalisation to your doorstep. We are committed to empowering your business, allowing you the flexibility and agility to meet up with changing end-user preferences, increased demand for products and services, and the continued advancements in technology. With our support, you are guaranteed of improved strategic capabilities, maximum efficiencies, and quality output. 


Digitalization fosters business simplification and helps build a self-sufficient business model enabling cost-effectiveness and consistent value. By synthesizing online and offline modes of operation and disruptive technologies, digitization helps build a bridge between legacy and cutting-edge technologies.


With extensive experience helping organizations across industry verticals to digitalize their business operations, IW Consulting helps companies innovate their digital strategies and amplify the link between clients and business outcomes.


We deploy methodologies to help organizations reimagine future-ready business models. We put together digital strategy-roadmaps, create digital organizations, draft appropriate digital business models, launch agile product development methodologies, and build agile IT infrastructure.


Get a jump-start on new trends to make your digital transformation journey more comfortable.


IW Consulting starts every digital journey four fundamental tennets called SMAC stack. This stands for Social media [marketing], Mobility, [data] Analytics and Cloud.


Social Media


IW Consulting combines its in-depth social media strategy and management methodology for customized constructs for global customers to help them build and enhance their social media presence and drive outcomes in-line with their business needs. We help organizations design tailored digital campaigns and enable them to execute social aura, building the brand, attracting social media influencers and relevant stakeholders. Through nuanced social media strategies, we help create multiple brand advocates who would spread the brand messages, improve stakeholder experiences, engage with the brand, and a robust feedback mechanism for products and services.


Our integrated suite of offerings enables customers to differentiate, engineer, implement and sustain on-the-go mobility solutions to make a seamless transition of your autonomous mobile journey.


Companies today are progressively changing their global mobility programs through digitalization and automating what was being managed by various stakeholders in multiple ways. With a thoughtfully designed approach, IW Consulting helps enterprises drive rich experiences for their stakeholders.


To enhance your enterprise mobility landscape, we offer a range of services that reinvent, design, and develop custom mobile applications. We leverage the power of next-generation tools and technologies to improve your workforce collaboration and deepen customer relationships. Our mobility service helps navigate industry leaders to a connected future while empowering their workforce with services that span mobile apps and wireless technologies.




IW Consulting Data Analytics services help categorize, contextualize, scope, and derive data insights, and add value with machine learning paradigms.


In today’s digitally connected world, organizations require the ability to blend information and insights across people, processes, and diverse data sources to influence business outcomes. To derive actionable data insights that aid enterprise decision-making, IW Consulting helps organizations combine technology, data sciences, industry-centric business modeling techniques, and unlock enormous business value.
To harness the incredibly powerful business analytics capability, we identify new ways to combine a high-performance blend of insights, forecasting, visualization, advanced analytics, and more. Leveraging the transformative power of analytics, we bring you solutions that address your business challenges and map your data assets to drive value.




IW Consulting gets involved in designing and re-engineering cloud architectures powered by digital accelerators and strategic frameworks to navigate the customers through their digital journey


Cloud initiatives are pivotal to enterprise-wide digital transformation. It enables organizations to reimagine their business and operational models and helps them move towards business resiliency. Given the cloud’s foundational nature in fostering an end-to-end digital transformation of an enterprise, IW Consulting offers a practical, customized, and industry-best-practice centric approach to strategizing-architecting implementing and supporting cloud environments.  


With a contemporary, open advancement to the cloud, we help you realize digitalization outcomes by adopting a cloud-native philosophy. We enable your cloud journey right from advisory to implementation, migration, and security-rich assessment empowered by our comprehensive portfolio of offerings making sure you get the most out of the cloud strategy. The ultimate goal is to create a smarter enterprise driven by cloud-enabled frontiers of innovation. Our cloud practice offers a spectrum of services bringing leadership and expertise in integrating the latest technologies blended with an established partner ecosystem to create business value.

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